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80 %

effectiveness in delivered projects

80 +

completed projects

80 %

of training participants indicate a greater scope of target knowledge

80 %

of candidates applying with us believe that the recruitment was carried out professionally


staff turnover index in assembled teams

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What makes us so effective?

We only undertake projects that we are able to complete with excellence!

This is how we have gained trust of dozens of Clients.

We offer a wide range of our own resources

We have our own tools, systems, and departments (including marketing, sourcing, recruitment, finance and IT). We optimize results and costs in real time and look for new solutions by analyzing data and trends.

Our team has developed a plan to stimulate growth and positive changes in organizations

This determines the growth of our company!

We firmly believe in 'win-win' results.

If we decide to undertake a project, we do everything in our power to complete it with excellence. We may even exceed our budget in order to successfully carry out the contracted assignment. We have gained trust among our Clients, as evidenced by numerous examples of long-term cooperation.

We are partners in business

We make every effort to understand the business needs of our Clients to find the best fitted solutions and deliver maximum benefits. We may refuse to carry out a service at times, if we fear that the Client will not achieve the expected profits.

All our projects are carried out by experts

We increase profitability indices and prove that sometimes it pays to invest more!

Diverse and multi-talented team

We maximize results and minimize costs in many areas. We are an advisory group, and therefore are able to look at business from a broader perspective.

We have our own databases

We have access to many types of databases (job candidates, own research, campaign analysis, etc.), which allow us to make precise and right decisions!


what makes us stand out?


why us?


We successfuly deliver 92% of our projects, we are reducing staff turnover in teams to 0%

Money Saving

We reduce the cost of wrong decisions and bad investments to a minimum. Our Clients confirm in their testimonials that we are able to improve those numbers several times!

Time Saving

We work faster thanks to our know-how and experience. Our Clients can focus on those aspects of their business where they shine.

Guaranteed Results

We only take on projects that we are able to deliver with excellence.

Wide Range of Services

We are a consulting firm. A holistic approach to all ongoing projects and a deeper understanding of the organizational context allow us to provide better advice to our

Trust among Our Candidates

93% of candidates applying with us believe that the recruitment was carried out professionally.

Successful Recruitments

Our knowledge and skills in the fields of psychology and communication support us to successfully recruit the best candidates.

Reduced Staff Turnover

We appreciate the value of each team member. Staff turnover contributes to extra recruitment and training cost, and therefore also to greater expenses overall.

Customer Support

Our Clients value us for our availability, responsibility, professionalism, honesty, and reliability.

Our Creative Team

A better career is out there. We’ll help you find it. We’re your first step to becoming everything you want to be.

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